Peer Reviewed Publications


Healthcare-seeking behaviour in reporting of scabies and skin infections in Ghana: A review of reported cases

Abstract Background: Scabies is a neglected tropical disease. In resource-poor settings, scabies and other skin infections are often unreported to a health centre, or misdiagnosed. Dermatological expertise and training are often lacking. Little is known about patient healthcare-seeking behaviour. This study reviewed diagnosed skin infections reported to urban (Greater Accra) and rural (Oti region) study health centres in Ghana over six months in 2019. Methods Study staff received classroom and clinical dermatology training.

Spatial inequalities in skilled attendance at birth in Ghana: a multilevel analysis integrating health facility databases with household survey data

Abstract Objective: This study aimed at using survey data to predict skilled attendance at birth (SBA) across Ghana from healthcare quality and health facility accessibility. Methods Through a cross-sectional, observational study, we used a random intercept mixed effects multilevel logistic modelling approach to estimate the odds of having SBA and then applied model estimates to spatial layers to assess the probability of SBA at high-spatial resolution across Ghana.

July 7, 2020

By Winfred Dotse-G, Andrew Tatem, Victor Alegana, Edson Utazi, Corrine W Ruktanonchai, Jim Wright in publication


Characteristics of packaged water production facilities in Greater Accra, Ghana: implications for water safety and associated environmental impacts

Abstract Packaged water (sold in bags or bottles) is widely consumed in many countries and is the main drinking-water source for most urban Ghanaian households. There are, however, few studies of packaged water production. This study aims to assess the source water, treatment, and manufacturing characteristics of sachet water (vended in 500 mL plastic bags), together with point-of-manufacture risks to hygienic production. A sample of 90 sachets was collected of brands sold in four neighbourhoods in Accra, Ghana, their packaging and physical characteristics recorded, and a risk score calculated from these.

The influence of distance and quality on utilisation of birthing services at health facilities in Eastern Region, Ghana

Abstract Objectives: Skilled birth attendance is the single most important intervention to reduce maternal mortality. However, studies have not used routinely collected health service birth data at named health facilities to understand the influence of distance and quality of care on childbirth service utilisation. Thus, this paper aims to quantify the influence of distance and quality of healthcare on utilisation of birthing services using routine health data in Eastern Region, Ghana.

February 10, 2020

By Winfred Dotse-G, Duah Dwomoh, Victor Alegana, Allan Hill, Andrew Tatem, Jim Wright in publication



Sachet water quality and product registration: a cross-sectional study in Accra, Ghana

Abstract: The study’s objectives were to assess the extent to which packaged water producers follow product registration procedures and to assess the relationship between product registration and drinking water quality in Accra, Ghana. Following preliminary analysis of a national water quality survey, 118 packaged sachet water samples were collected by sampling all brands sold by 66 vendors. A sample of vendors was selected from two high-income and two low-income areas of Accra, Ghana.

June 1, 2018

By Mawuli Dzodzomenyo, Gunther Fink, Winfred Dotse-G, Nicola Wardrop, Genevieve Aryeetey, Nathaniel Coleman, Allan Hill, Jim Wright in publication